It is a Sleek mechanized conveyor with a perfect leaner movement and with either side operatives to perform the production activity by using component placed in a designated area on a specially designed trolley which can be easily picked up & placed back by the operatives in any given operational sequences
  • Leaner Manufacturing process hence it has no room to scatter or spread work and Machines. Clean, Neat and tidy shop floor
  • eliminate components search time by placing cut components in a trolleys at a designated area for every operatives
  • Reduce operational cycle time by performing some of the operations simultaneously across sides and also considerable time is gained in picking up components from the trolleys placed at a designated area.
  • Conveyor leaner movement drastically reduces the through put time( quick output).
  • Effective line balancing can be done as the operatives are accessible on either sides and across the production line
  • Increases production by reducing cycle time & through put time
  • Less WIP compared to any other processes hence increases stock turn over
  • Less floor space utilization by 45% than the conventional conveyor system
  • On-line working components less by 70% hence better supervising and control.
  • Easy shop floor inventory control as conveyor trolleys do not allow stock of components is spills down the components at the end of each rotation if it is not picked up or attended.
  • Effective and optimum utilization of men and machines.