Enclosure Type Latex Spray with spray gun from Japan
Three sided suction with water table
  • Compact table with Stainless steel mesh filter before suction
  • Pressure tank with bag in box connector for Latex pouch.
  • Covered cabinet to protect the operator from toxic fumes , hence no mask need.
  • Dual tank incorporated separately for water and latex
  • High Efficient suction system.
  • Exhaust air filtering system( Water bed ).
  • Fine adjustment for spray pattern width
  • Portable system
  • Moveable tank for easy replacement of latex pouch.
  • Suspended system for Latex gun.
  • User friendly and eco friendly.
Technical Data
Voltage 415v-Ac
Power 0.8Kw
Air Power 6 Bar
Machine weight 125 Kg
Gross Weight 165 Kg
Dimension 1400x895x2060
Packing Dim 1550x1045x2210