Innovative Hammering machine
Meets the OSHA standard( Less than 80 dB A -OSHA Recommended Noise Level 85dB A)
  • Less noise which makes it eco friendly
  • Four operations can be done ( Hammering, Embossing, Punching & Eyeletting)
  • Less moving parts ,hence Less maintenance
  • Faster cycle time which ensure high productivity
  • Most of the components are covered which ensuring operator safety
  • Heater and Temperature controlled by digital controller
  • Ergonomically designed which gives less strain to the operator and ensures high productivity
Technical Data
Voltage 415v-AC
Power 0.7 Kw
Machine weight 110 Kg
Gross Weight 170 Kg
Dimension 650x750x1100
Packing Dim 800x900x1250