Specially designed conveyor enables the sole and shoe/boot to travel in pairs.
Compatible to rink system.
  • Reduced Drying time of 3-4 minutes against the conventional drying time of 25-30 minutes
  • In the chamber Machine first dries the precoated adhesive with the help of Forced hot air
  • Then with the help of Short wave infrared reactivation lamps it reheats the content on the sole and lasted upper in quick time. This way it prevents excessive softening of the sole.
  • The unique feature of the machine is, it reduces the last requirement and reduce the throw put time significantly.
  • Power Mode Selection system is provided to set the machine as per requirement
  • To Prevent shoe from falling from the machine Photo sensor is provided
Technical Data
Voltage 415v-AC
Power 18.2 Kw & 8Kw/hr
Machine weight 350 Kg
Gross Weight 450 Kg
Dimension 1055x2582x1595
Packing Dim 1205x2732x1745